Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

How do I make my payment?
Jokers accepts all major credit cards, cash, money orders and business checks. If you are booking late, exceptions can possibly be made, but NO cash will be collected upon arrival at your event.
Will I get a refund if I have to cancel my party?
If, for any reason you wish to cancel (excluding dangerous weather conditions), up to 48 hours prior to your event, you payment(s) can be transferred towards another form of entertainment for a future event, in the form of non-expiring "Credit Coupon". Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice forfeits the transfer of your payment(s)
What happens if it rains the day of my party?
Don't the event of inclement weather, Jokers asks that you contact our office by 8am if you wish to cancel. At that time, a credit coupon can be issued to you, allowing a 100% transfer of all payments made to any alternate form of entertainment on the same or future date with no expiration! Please note, NO monetary adjustments will be authorized after acceptance of entertainment/equipment.

Inflatable Questions

Does Jokers have insurance?

Absolutely! All Jokers Entertainment equipment is covered by our one million dollar liability insurance policy! If you need to add an outside location (park, school, church, etc.) to this policy, it can easily be done for a small fee and sent directly to the requesting source.

What happens if the equipment will not fit in the location I originally planned for?

Our experienced delivery staff is highly trained to select the most suitable location for your inflatables. We will always try to accommodate any requests of our customers within reason, although our staff makes the final decision to ensure safety of the unit and for all guests.

How often are inflatables cleaned?

Jokers cleans all inflatables the day after they are used to assure a safe and healthy environment for your guests. All equipment staff members also carry a cleaning kit to be prepared for unforeseen touch up cleaning if needed.

What should I know about the inflatables I have reserved before they arrive?

- There must be proper space available to safely set up all equipment. (sizes available at time of order)
- The space selected is free and clear of any debris/ sharp items, trash or other items in the yard before the delivery. (our staff will NOT    rearrange your yard!) This includes the removal of any animal waste.
- There can no low power or electrical lines or tree branches that hang over the space you request the unit to be.
   All inflatables need to be within 100 Feet of their own EMPTY electrical outlet to adequately power the units. (They must stay plugged    in all day) No power strips are to be used or additional extension cord added.
- The surface that you wish to place the equipment on must be told to our staff at the time of order and can NOT be changed (Grass or    Cement)
- Must be a flat surface free of slopes, stairs etc. If you feel your yard or preferred setup location does not meet these requirements,    please call our office for further assistance.
- You are responsible for the safety of all participants on inflatables during your event.

Jokers Entertainment reserves the right to leave any event prior to its completion if we feel that our entertainer(s) or equipment are in any form of jeopardy.

Performance Questions

What will my character do?
- Standard costume characters (under 30 children) will play a variety of interactive games and high energy activities that best fit the   specifics of each event. Some of these events could include limbo, parachute play, hot potato. Characters can also introduce birthday   cake, sing Happy Birthday and pose for pictures if you would like. (Must advise character to begin this process 15 minutes before   performance ends). Please be aware that each entertainer will bring a unique quality to their performance and will play the activities   that will work best for each party based on a variety of factors (space, enthusiasm of kids, age, etc.).
- If you event has more than 20 - 25 children, you can hire an assistant or help organize group activities (up to 40 children) for a low   $50 fee.
- In the event there are too many children to play interactive activities, a simpler style is available called a "Meet & Greet" where the   performer can mingle with the guests, high-five, hug, pose for pictures during their hired time.

What will my clown/magician do?
- Depending on the number of children attending, your clown will do a combination of magic, face painting, balloon sculpting, and/or   games.
- Magicians (recommended for older groups of children) will do a 40-45 minute magic show followed by 15-20 minutes of balloon   sculpting.

Wandering or strolling magicians and stage shows are also available upon request.


Still have questions? Call or write: (313) 362-0400